The KUCIMAT Awards

The KUCIMAT Awards

The purpose of the KUCIMAT awards program is to recognize those members who have excelled in local government management and have advanced the urban management profession through their excellence. The awards are presented at the KUCIMAT banquet at the annual International City/County Management Association (ICMA) Conference. All members of the KUCIMAT organization are eligible to receive an award.

Award winners are chosen based upon a nomination letter submitted on behalf of the nominee. The awards committee, consisting of the KUCIMAT president, president-elect, and past-president make written recommendations to the full KUCIMAT executive board, who approve the issuance of all awards.

The awards include:

Edwin O. Stene Award for Managerial Excellence

This award recognizes individuals who have performed in an exceptional manner in the management of the organization in which they are employed. This may include the establishment of a new and innovative program, resolution of a difficult organizational problem, completion of a long-term organization goal, or for tangible commitment to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion in our profession.

Award Winners

2020 - TIE Sam Hoghteling, Straayer Center, Colorado State University | Steve Powers, City Manager, Salem, Oregon
2019 - Kelly Greunke, Budget Operations Manager, City/County of Denver, CO
2018 - Chuck Coward, Retired, Indian Rocks Beach, FL
2017 - Hannes Zacharias, Retired, Johnson County KS
2014 - Sherilyn Lombos, City Manager, Tualatin, OR
2013 - Clay Pearson, City Manager, Novi, MI
2012 - Carol Gonzalez, City Manager, City of Shawnee, KS, and
2012 - Susan Sherman, Assistant City Manager of Olathe, KS
2011 - Craig Weinaug, Douglas County, KS
2010 - David Watkins, Bryan, TX
2009 - Eric Levitt, City Manager, Janesville, WI
2008 - Rod Bremby, Secretary, Kansas Department of Health and Environment
2006 - Charles McNeely, City Manager, Reno, TX
2005 - Brent McFall, City Manager, Westminster, CO, and
2005 - Catherine Tuck Parrish, Deputy City Manager, Rockville, MD
2003 - John Nachbar, City Manager of Overland Park, KS
2002 - Jan Perkins, City Manager of Fremont, CA
2001 - Leon R. Churchill, Jr., Town Manager of Windsor, CT
2000 - Wallace Douthwaite, City Manager of Des Plaines, IL
1998 - Joseph Hoefgen, Assistant City Manager of Del Mar, CA
1997 - Gary Greer, City Manager of Manhattan, KS
1996 - Melinda Carlton, County Manager of Kent County, MI
1995 - Cole Hendrix, City Manager of Charlottesville, VA
1994 - William J. Noonan, City Manager of Las Vegas, NV
1993 - Dennis M. Hays, Deputy City Administrator of Kansas City, KS



NEW in 2020!!! KUCIMAT Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Award

This award recognizes individuals or communities that are playing a leadership role in placing the values of diversity, equity, and inclusion as local government priorities. Through their actions, the recipients of this award will have made a lasting impact on their community, organization, and/or field of public administration by advancing policies of social justice, creating public spaces that are safe for all, or reforming systems that traditionally suppressed civic participation.

Award Winners

2020 - Phillip Smith-Hanes, County Administrator, Saline County, Kansas


Dena Laurent-Sorensen Profile in Courage Award Profile

This award recognizes individuals who have made personal and/or professional progress by overcoming obstacles through exceptional courage, fortitude and adherence to the high ideals which exemplify the urban management profession.

Award Winners

2020 - Chante' Mitchell
2018 - Angela Harness Cline
2015 - Walter Denton
2013 - Rachel Hut Bremen
2010 - Stan Stewart
2007 - Carol Nalbandian
2005 - Kate Smith
2004 - Sandra Tripp Jones
2003 - Tansy Hayward
2001 - Dena Laurent Sorenson
1994 - Teddy C. Ryan, Jr.
1993 - David Davis


KUCIMAT Lifetime Achievement Award

This award recognizes individuals who have, through cumulative career achievements and successes furthered the purpose of the KUCIMAT organization.

Award Winners

2020 - Karen Davis, Executive Director, Local Government Hispanic Netowrk
2019 - Kevin Frazell, Retired, League of Minnesota Cities
2018 - Craig Weinhaug, Douglas County, KS
2017 - Mark Watson, Oak Ridge, TN
2015 - Alan Sims, former City Manager, Cedar Hill, TX
2014 - Dennis Hays, former County Administrator, Unified Government of Wyandotte County/Kansas City, KS
2013 - Jan Perkins, Management Partners, Inc.
2012 - Bob Livingston, City Manager of University Park, TX
2011 - Bob Herchert, President/CEO of Freese and Nichols, Fort Worth, TX
2010 - Ray Hummert, KU School of Public Affairs & Administration
2009 - Bill Ramsey, former Director Municipal Services, Olathe, KS
2008 - Fred Siems, Retired City Administrator, City of Blue Springs, MO
2007 - Chuck Anderson, Waters Group
2006 - Tom Muelenbeck, City Manager, Plano, TX
2005 - Al Thelan, Management Consultant
2004 - Alan Morris, former County Administrator, Miami County, KS
2003 - Lou Fox, City Manager, Lubbock, TX
2002 - Richard Chesney, former Dep. Co. Administrator, Johnson Co, KS
2001 - Marion Goodell, Administrative Director, KU Stene Program
2000 - Gene Denton, former Administrator of Johnson County, Kansas, and
2000 - Gerald Fox, former Administrator of Mecklenburg County, NC
1996 - George R. Schrader, former City Manager of Dallas, TX
1996 - Richard D. Thomas, former City Manager of Santa Barbara, CA
1995 - Robert A. Kipp, former City Manager of Kansas City, MO
1994 - Donald E. Pipes, City Manager of Overland Park, KS
1993 - Leland Nelson, former City Manager of University Park, TX



KUCIMAT Intern Excellence Award

This award recognizes interns who have performed in an exceptional manner during the internship year.

Award Winners

2020 - Davianna Humble, Douglas County, Kansas
2019 - Allie Salz, City of Wichita, KS
2018 - Brian Bickers, Arlington County, VA
2017 - Kelly Dumais, Edina, MN
2016 - Anna Mitchell, Trinidad, CO
2015 - Barack Matite, Eudora, KS
2014 - Christina Watts, Tacoma, WA
2013 - Caitlin Stene, River Falls, WI
2012 - Michelle Stevens, Lexington, MA
2011 - Katie Killen, Shawnee, KS
2010 - Phil Wagner, Sugarland, TX
2009 - Trisha Palmer, Lee’s Summit, MO
2008 - John Harrenstein, Johnson County, KS
2007 - Kathy Woerner, Little Rock, AR
2006 - Jonathan Douglas, Lawrence, KS, and
2006 - Emily Watson, Chanute, KS
2005 - Audrey Merrell, City of Springfield, OH
2004 - Jeremy Smith, Village of Sussex, WI
2003 - Katie Daniel, Sedona, AZ
2002 - Bernard Seeger, Dodge City, KS
2001 - Shannon Kroeger Meadows, Springfield, OH
2000 - Jacob Speers, University Park, TX
1999 - Michael Baker, Lexington, MA
1998 - Sherilyn Lombos, Fremont, CA
1997 - Shanna Sims, Lexington, MA
1996 - Melisa Leal, Waco, TX
1994 - Cynthia Boecker, Lexington, MA
1993 - Elisabeth Roth, Civic Council of Greater Kansas City


Distinguished Service Award

Award Winners

2016 - Raymond P. Botch Jr., Mount Vernon, IL