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Make a transformative difference for today’s students and the School

Especially now. We see these words more and more often as we all seek to cope with the current environment. For those of us in the public sector these are indeed difficult times with unprecedented challenges. It is now we need leaders who are risk takers and innovators who will help address our economic and social problems.

Especially now. We continue to be the #1 ranked program according to U.S. News and World Report in city management and urban policy, and we are in a position to recruit the very best students to our program. Scholarship dollars are crucial to helping us achieve this goal.

Especially now. We need talented and educated public servants dedicated to building communities, solving problems, and contributing to their profession. This environment gives us an historic opportunity to recruit talented individuals to build the next generation of community leaders. It is now we should redouble our efforts to attract a diversity of students to KU.

Especially now. We need your continued support of the KU public administration program. We hope you will consider giving a gift to the School of Public Affairs and Administration. Your donation allows us to take advantage of opportunities and meet unforeseen needs.

Support the School

There are a couple of great ways you can provide the School with access to flexible monies to support the degree programs. Contributions can be made through the KU Endowment Association (kuendowment.org); follow the link for “How to Give” and note the name of the fund from the description below in the “Special Instructions” field.

  • Edwin O. Stene Program Discretionary Fund: Commonly referred to as "The Chair's Fund," this fund is fully discretionary and fully expendable at the discretion of the Director of the School. The Director’s current priorities for use of this fund include student recruitment, particularly attracting minority students.
  • Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professorship in Public Administration: This fund supports the Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor, Rosemary O'Leary.
  • Thomas and Barbara Kester Page Fund for Scholarly Activities: This fund is used to support scholarships and fellowships for Master’s and Doctoral students in public administration; the teaching and scholarly work of the Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor of Public Administration; and the teaching, research, and scholarly activity of the public administration faculty and graduate students.
  • KUCIMAT MPA Support Fund: This fund is used to support intern-option MPA students in the School. Uses include but are not restricted to: attending professional conferences, participating in part-time internships, and conducting research with local governments. Priority is given to activities that allow the student to engage with professionals at practice so that they can apply classroom knowledge in the real world.
  • Jerry M. and V. Lee Smith Faculty Development Fund: This fund is to support faculty in the School.


Over the years, our degree programs have been fortunate to receive the following scholarships for the benefit and ongoing education of students in the School. Donors include alumni and those associated with the development of our School. These scholarships provide the basis to attract some of the brightest and best students from around the nation. Contributions can be made to any of these to help grow the level of support they provide.

Scholarship (alpha) Description & Information
Public Affairs and Administration Scholarship Available for general scholarships to students.
Ethan Allen Available to students of public administration.
Background: Ethan Allen was the co-founder of the KU MPA Program, along with Ed Stene.
Raymond P. Botch and Raymond Paul Botch, Jr. City Management Provides scholarships for sons, daughters, or relatives of past and present city managers to become future city managers.
Background: Ray Botch, MPA Class of 1968, followed his father's footsteps into the city management profession. Learn more.
Richard Chesney

Available to MPA students with a preference for graduates of Kansas high schools and to individuals of a racial minority, based on need.
Background: Richard was a member of the KU MPA class of 1959.

Darwin W. Daicoff Provides scholarships for one or more deserving students that have made outstanding contributions to the Stene Graduate Program in Public Administration at the University of Kansas. Awarded based on merit and need with preference given to a Kansas resident.
Background: Darwin was a member of the Political Science faculty. This scholarship was established by his daughter.
H. George and Mary Frederickson Fellowship Used to provide support for doctoral or post-doctoral students in the School of Public Affairs and Administration.
Background: H. George Frederickson is a pioneer in the field of public administration and is Distinguished Professor Emeritus of the School. Learn more.
Marvin Harder & Joseph Harkins Targeted to one or more deserving career-option students with high academic potential enrolled in the MPA program. Based on merit and need.
Background: Marvin Harder and Joseph Harkins are former Directors of the Public Management Center, the professional development arm of the School of Public Affairs and Administration. Marvin Harder is deceased. This scholarship is designated for a Topeka MPA student.
Mark Keane Graduate scholarships for students whose goal is to become local government administrative professionals.
Background: Mark was the former Executive Director of ICMA and the spouse of Judith Mohr Keane, a member of the KU MPA class of 1973. Mr. Keane passed away in 2013.
Mary Litchfield Available to a graduate student of unusual promise who combines an academic interest in public administration with a commitment to public service.
Background: Mary was a friend of the KU MPA program and endowed a scholarship via her will.
Bob Lowry Scholarships with preference for MPA students who exemplify dedication and commitment to a professional career in public service at the local government level.
Background: Bob is the Director of Public Works for the City of Coffeyville, Texas and a member of the KU MPA Class of 1996. Learn more.
Harry Nalbandian Public Service Scholarships for MPA students pursuing a career in local government or community building.
Background: Harry was the father of John Nalbandian, Professor Emeritus in the School of Public Affairs and Administration.
John and Carol Nalbandian Available to MPA students preparing for careers in local government.
Background: John, Professor Emeritus in the School of Public Affairs and Administration, and his wife Carol established this MPA scholarship, which became fully endowed in 2012. Learn more.
Chester A. Newland Doctoral Fellowship Distributions from the this fund support a student seeking a doctor of philosophy degree. Learn more.
Paul A. Reaume Available to students in the School of Public Affairs and Administration.
Background: Paul was a member of the KU MPA class of 1963.
Liese Ridgeway Vanatta Available to students in the School of Public Affairs and Administration who have an emphasis in environmental studies and sustainability. Recipients shall be of high character, show academic achievement and exhibit leadership potential.
Clarence E. Ridley Available to a graduate student pursing an MPA and/or a career in city management.
Background: Clarence, former Executive Director of ICMA, was the grandfather of Paul Ridley, a friend of the MPA program. Learn more.
Clara Schneider Perkins Available to undergraduate or graduate students in the public affairs or administration program, with a preference for female students.
Background: Clara was the grandmother of Jan Perkins, a member of the KU MPA class of 1976 and Mark Perkins, a member of the KU MPA class of 1980. Learn more.
Alan E. Sims Supporting MPA students with tuition, books, travel costs associated with professional seminars/conferences, living expenses and other related costs associated their education, with preference to non-traditional, minority students.
Buford M. Watson Jr. Memorial Available to MPA students in city management who exhibit both academic merit and a strong interest and commitment to a lifetime career as a city manager.
Background: Buford was a member of the KU MPA class of 1960.
Wildgen Family Scholarships with preference to MPA students from Kansas who fulfill the University's education mission of providing a diverse learning environment.
Background: Mike Wildgen is a member of the KU MPA class of 1972. Learn more.

What are endowed funds?

Endowed funds are extremely important to the present and future of the School of Public Affairs and Administration. They can be used to recruit promising students, attract and retain renowned scholars, launch promising research, or can be established for any other purpose of your choice. An endowed scholarship can be established with a gift of $30,000 given in full or pledged over a five-year period. The scholarship then exists in perpetuity, providing annual support for generations to come.

Endowed funds can be established in a variety of ways: donating cash; donating securities; creating a planned gift such as a bequest in your will; or a combination of any of these. You may decide how to name the fund, whether for yourself or for someone you wish to honor. In some cases, you can also contribute to existing endowed funds. To learn more about how your gift can help, contact Jenna Goodman (jgoodman@kuendowment.org) or LaRisa Chambers (lchambers@kuendowment.org) - 800-444-4201 or 785-832-7400 - at the KU Endowment Association.

Can my gift be matched?

Your gift may be enhanced through employer matching gift programs. You may be eligible if you or your spouse are employed by, serve on a board for, or are retired from a matching gift company. Contact your HR department, call 1-800-661-5874, or visit kuendowment.org/matching.

Can I set up a recurring gift?

Yes, absolutely! Follow the instructions for setting up an electronic funds transfer.

Can I set up an IRA Charitable Rollover?

Do you have an IRA? Are you 70.5 or older? Are you concerned about how your Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) will affect your taxes? Would you like to support the MPA Program?

If the answer to all of these questions is “yes,” the now is a good time to contact our Office of Gift Planning: Andy Morrison, 785-832-7327, amorrison@kuendowment.org or Kristin Shore, 785-832-7341, kshore@kuendowment.org

The IRA Charitable Rollover legislation has been made permanent by Congress and allows you to transfer up to $100,000 from your IRA to KU Endowment. The transfer counts toward your RMD and does not result in taxable income to you as long as it is made directly to a qualified charity such as KU Endowment. You may designate the gift to any current scholarship you choose. You can even set up an endowed scholarship fund.


Ray Hummert, Chief Academic Advisor & Director of Alumni Relations
785-864-9097 or rhummert@ku.edu

Jenna Goodman, Team Leader, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
785-832-7417 or jgoodman@kuendowment.org

LaRisa Chambers, Development Director, College of Liberal Arts and Sciences
785-832-7471 or lchambers@kuendowment.org

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