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School celebrates accomplishments of 73 graduates

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Pictured above: Graduates pose for a photo before dinner begins.

LAWRENCE -- On April 29, 2016 the School of Public Affairs and Administration celebrated the accomplishments of 73 bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral graduates with our annual graduation banquet and master’s hooding ceremony. Photos from the event photographer will be available soon and posted to the School’s Facebook Graduation album. (Even if you do not have Facebook, you will still be able to see these pictures.) Pictures currently posted there were submitted by staff and others at the banquet.

On behalf of the faculty and staff, we’d like to extend special recognition to our Pi Alpha Alpha inductees and annual student award recipients for their achievements inside and outside the classroom.

Pi Alpha Alpha
Pi Alpha Alpha is the national honor society for students of public administration. It promotes excellence in the study and practice of public administration and public affairs. Membership into this society is limited to those distinguished with academic achievement of an above 3.7 GPA for MPA students, and for undergraduates, an above 3.7 GPA plus top 10% in overall class-standing. The following students have elected to join Pi Alpha Alpha:
Kevin Cauley
Austin Falley
Mickie Gillispie
Amanda Graor
Leslie Herring
Carey Humble
Nicole Humphrey
Mary Jaeger
Patrick Lang
Julie Loats
Nathan Namphengsone
Tim Schwartzkopf
Macie Smith
Clarissa Unger

Outstanding Undergraduate Student Award
This award is presented annually to an outstanding undergraduate student who has demonstrated excellence in coursework and in scholarly work beyond course assignments to enhance learning, such as research outside of the classroom or leadership roles within the classroom.
Award Recipient: Nicole Humphrey
(Pictured with Dr. Chuck Epp)

Graduate Teaching Assistant of the Year Award
This award is given to a Graduate Teaching Assistant in the School and the recipient is selected through a vote of public administration undergraduate students. Criteria for this award includes: 1) excellence in teaching techniques, 2) excellence in curriculum development, and 3) excellence in student learning.
Award Recipient: Eric Shannon
(Pictured with Dr. Chuck Epp)

Stanley Fisher Memorial Award
This award is presented annually to outstanding MPA students who have shown interest in public administration beyond their classroom work, have performed exceptionally well in public administration courses, and have applied insights of public administration to their campus activities. Stanley Fisher was the city manager of Warrensburg, Missouri. He was tragically killed in an automobile accident on April 30, 1966, when he was President-Elect of the Greater Kansas City Chapter of ASPA. This award is presented in honor of him and his contributions to public administration. This award was formally presented at the Greater Kansas City Chapter of the American Society of Public Administration Awards Breakfast on May 18.
Award Recipient: Mary Jaeger
(Pictured with Dr. Rosemary O'Leary)

Outstanding MPA Student Award
The Outstanding MPA Student Award is given to an MPA student who has demonstrated excellence in intellectual work and going beyond course assignments to enhance learning. This year's award has two recipients:
Kendra Davis
Tyler Marr

Scott Brooks Award
Scott Brooks was a member of the public administration faculty at KU in the mid-1970s. Very quickly, Scott became an essential faculty member and he led resurgence in the local government concentration. No faculty member has meant more to the local government emphasis in the program since Ed Stene retired. Scott was a remarkable person and the criteria for the award capture his passion for the MPA program. They are: Compassion for Colleagues, Dedication to Public Service, and Enthusiasm for Life.
Award Recipient: Donyell Wolfe
(Pictured with Dr. John Nalbandian)

Faculty Teacher of the Year Award
In addition to the annual student awards mentioned above, the School also recognizes a faculty member each year in the School for excellence in teaching techniques, curriculum development and student learning. The recipient is selected through a vote of students in all of the public administration academic programs.
Award Recipient: Rosemary O'Leary
(Pictured with School Director Reggie Robinson)


Ruth DeWitt, Communications Manager
KU School of Public Affairs and Administration
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