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Portillo in Huffington Post article on Project Diane

Thursday, January 14, 2016

Professors Shannon Portillo and Alesha Doan, from the Department of Political Science, wrote for the Huffington Post in the article, "Project Diane: Integrating Military Women in Combat Roles" Here's an excerpt:

"On Thursday December 3rd, 2015 Secretary of Defense Ash Carter rescinded the explicit policy banning military women from serving in combat roles. This change in policy represents a significant departure from traditional military policy. Many people will view this as the final solution to gender inequality in the military. We share enthusiasm for this momentous change but are tempered by the difficult reality of achieving cultural change within the military.

Policy change is the first step towards full gender integration, but implementing this policy will require an ongoing focus on organizational culture aimed at shaping daily practices...."

Read the full article here.

(Left to right: Dr. Portillo, Dr. Doan)


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