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Parker Van Eerden

B.A. Weber State University. Major: Political Science. Minor: Spanish
Primary office:


Contact:  parkervaneerden@ku.edu

Full-time Internship:  City of Phoenix, AZ

Parker Van Eerden – an Ethan Allen, Alan Sims, and Bob Lowry Fellow – graduated cum laude from Weber State University in 2018 with a Bachelor of Arts in political science with a minor in Spanish where he received a departmental award for outstanding academic achievement in political science. During his undergraduate career he worked with the Roy City Director of Parks and Recreation to create a plan to improve usership of local facilities. As part of a team, he conducted research and presented data to the Weber County Elections Commission and recommended improvements to the local elections process. Parker also worked with the Ogden City Police Department to evaluate the effect that the militarization of the police has on the community.


B.A. Weber State University.  Major: Political Science.  Minor:  Spanish

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