Josh McAnarney

B.S. Drake University. Majors: Accounting & Finance
Primary office:



Full-time Internship:  City of Topeka, KS

Josh McAnarney is a Bob Lowry and Ray Botch City Management Fellow and graduated from Drake University with a bachelor’s in accounting and finance.  His first hands-on role in giving back to the community was during high school where he helped with youth basketball leagues at Emporia High. This experience fueled him to seek a career that could allow him to give back to the community.   During his undergraduate years, McAnarney interned at the Iowa Primary Care Association where he was exposed to the non-profit health and to the fulfillment of serving the underserved.  At the IPCA, McAnarney had the privilege of learning and seeing the challenges non-profit healthcare workers face on an everyday basis during his tenure.  McAnarney’s draw to public administration came from his desire to make a difference in the community, work with a variety of citizens, and to be challenged throughout the course of his career.


B.S. Drake University.  Majors: Accounting & Finance

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