Jasmine Austin

B.S., University at Albany (SUNY Albany)
Major: Social Welfare
Primary office:


Jasmine Austin, a Richard Chesney and Ethan Allen scholar, graduated magna cum laude with a Bachelor of Science in Social Welfare from the University at Albany (SUNY Albany). While attending SUNY Albany, she provided outreach for It Could Happen to You, a non-profit working to increase public awareness of procedures within the judicial and law enforcement systems. Jasmine also served as a tutor and mentor to students at Albany High School. During her senior year at SUNY Albany, she was the social welfare intern for Ellis Medicine’s Outpatient Mental Health Clinic, the county clinic for Schenectady County, NY. Jasmine currently interns for KC Rising, a long-term regional initiative to improve Kansas City through trade, human capital, and innovation. Contact email: jasmineaustin76@gmail.com