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Jackson Brockaway

B.A., Colorado State University
Double major: Political Science and History
Primary office:


Jackson Brockway graduated with a B.A. Political Science and History from Colorado State University. He was an intern in the Town of Windsor in the Town Manager's Office where he conducted research on the town's water fee in the Economic Development incentive fund including guidance on whether the incentive should be continued and at what level; explored the future of water in regards to the Colorado-Big Thompson Project and how it relates to new development; and examined best practices in water conservation planning efforts. As a study abroad student, he explored city governance by comparing large metropolitan cities such as Houston, Atlanta, and Denver with Prague, the city where he lived and studied for two months. He was a Senior Associate in the Center for Public Deliberation (CPD) at Colorado State University where he took the lead on projects focusing on the Fort Collins Climate Action Committee and homelessness. He was President of the Colorado State Men's Rugby team.