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Impressive and wide-ranging recognition spotlights faculty of great distinction

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Each and every day our faculty works hard to generate important scholarly research and bring that research to life for students and practitioners in ways that connect theories to practice. These are active and engaged scholars who add valuable ideas to the public administration dialogue, inspire others in the discipline, serve the University and the broader public, and through their work, help us all confront pressing social challenges. This is impressive and important work. It makes a difference, and it garners notice in ways that reflect great credit upon us all.

In the last five weeks, particularly important recognition has been bestowed upon nine of our faculty members. That School faculty members would receive important recognition is not surprising; it is their habit. But this impressive string of awards and honors within such a short time-frame is particularly noteworthy. Please join us in celebrating the accomplishments of our impressive faculty.

A strong, productive, and committed faculty is at the heart of what makes any academic unit great. This recent avalanche of awards and honors for our faculty provides an important slice of the evidence for why our program continues to stand as #1.


Ruth DeWitt, Communications Manager
KU School of Public Affairs and Administration
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