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Feiock to deliver Bold Aspirations lecture

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

LAWRENCE — Richard Feiock, Jerry Collins Eminent Scholar Endowed Chair and Augustus B. Turnbull Professor of Public Administration and Policy in the Askew School at Florida State University, will present a Bold Aspirations lecture at 3:30 p.m. Monday, July 6, in The Commons, Spooner Hall. He will present “Cities and Climate Sustainability: The Roles of Political Institutions, Administrative Design, Policy Networks, and Institutional Collective Action.” The lecture will highlight Feiock’s answers to these questions:

  • Why have cities individually and collaboratively engaged climate protection policy?
  • What explains the strategy, instruments, and behavioral targets of city climate action?
  • What differences do these efforts produce for community governance, policy and environment?

Until recently these important questions regarding cities and sustainability had not been addressed. This presentation first provides an overview of Feiock’s research contributions over the last two decades on local government institutions, administrative design and policy instruments, the political market framework, policy networks and the institutional collective action framework. Building from this foundation, he will describe his recent and ongoing empirical works that test hypotheses about city sustainability based on the theoretical frameworks he has advanced. He will then describe four NSF-supported projects that will guide his research agenda on city sustainability going forward. He will also describe how this work investigates city sustainability interventions across scale by linking individual behavior change, neighborhood mobilization, government agency action and coordination, and regional scale sustainability collaboration by cities.

Feiock earned a bachelor’s degree in political science from Penn State, a master’s of public administration from KU, and a doctorate in political science in 1986 from KU. He is a recent research collaborator with Dr. Rachel Krause in the KU School of Public Affairs and Administration.


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