Erin Borry

Ph.D. in Public Administration (2013)
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•BA, Rutgers University, 2007
•MPA, Rutgers University, 2008
•PhD, University of Kansas, 2013

Research Interests: Organizational and individual ethics, workplace rules, bureaucratic red tape, human resources management, governmental transparency

Dr. Borry received her PhD from the University of Kansas in May 2013. Her dissertation was entitled "Rule Bending and Red Tape: Organizational and Individual Influences and the Effect of Ethical Climate," which looked at the role of bureaucratic structure, employee minority status, and organizational ethical climate on employee willingness to bend rules and perceptions of red tape. She is also interested in green tape theory and has published work on governmental transparency and government websites. She taught and developed topics-oriented courses, including Open Government and Street-Level Bureaucracy, while a doctoral student at KU.

A native of New Hampshire, Dr. Borry is an avid Boston sports fan. She attended Rutgers University in Newark where she received her BA in Political Science and a Master of Public Administration. As a result of those degrees and her KU degree, she is a Rutgers football fan and a Kansas Jayhawks Basketball fan. It's not uncommon for Dr. Borry to use sports examples while teaching and, in fact, she has had previous classes fill out an NCAA tournament bracket as an exercise in several public administration concepts.

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