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Donor Spotlight: Professor Emeritus John Nalbandian

Professor Emeritus John NalbandianWhy I Give: When people ask me why I give to the School of Public Affairs and Administration, I say, “I am not giving; I am giving back.” And I mean that sincerely. I owe so much to the School, which for me started as a specialization within the Political Science Department. It has grown so much, and I have grown with it—not only as a professional, but as a person. Honestly, as I look back, I have been privileged to have been in the classroom with so many of you and to watch your careers develop, your friendships endure, your welcoming of today’s students as you once were welcomed into the fold. There is no greater alumni association I know of than KUCIMATS, and I am so proud to be a small part of your professional life and to help support those yet to come. Note: John has funded a scholarship in his father’s name and has created a bequest to enhance that scholarship and add to the John and Carol Nalbandian fund. Your gifts to us may be tax-deductible, and go to support the school, its programming and students. Please consider giving to us today, so we may continue to grow and offer the best possible experiences for our students.