Cole Haselip

B.S Humboldt State University. Major: Political Science with a focus in Law and Policy
Primary office:



Full-time Internship:  City of Aspen, CO

Cole Haselip – an Ethan Allen, Mark Keane, and Paul Reaume Fellow – graduated with a bachelor’s degree in political science with a focus in law and policy from Humboldt State University. During his bachelor’s degree, Cole interned in the State of California Assembly in the office of Assemblymember Kansen Chu.  Cole worked on legislation establishing permanent daylight saving time, improving fire safety, increasing term lengths, providing mental healthcare in K-12 public schools, and realizing the statewide human right to water. Cole served as co-director of the Student Legal Lounge, an on-campus program to provide students with legal information, advising students on tenant-landlord law, small claims lawsuits, and immigration law. Cole has a variety of experiences that have informed his interests in local democracy, local ownership, and community development.


B.S Humboldt State University.  Major: Political Science with a focus in Law and Policy

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