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MPA students prior to the Fall 2019 start will likely complete MPA degree requirements under the outgoing Summer 2014 MPA Curriculum as detailed below.  Students beginning the MPA Fall 2019 and after should refer to the Curriculum heading on the left-hand menu, linked here

Core Curriculum

The MPA degree is a non-thesis professional program that can be completed through course work in Lawrence, Topeka, and the KU Edwards Campus in Overland Park, Kansas.  The program consists of forty three hours of course work.  The curriculum includes 31 hours of core classes:

PUAD 824, 825, 827 or 828 Public Policy Course

PUAD 834 Human Resources Management

PUAD 835 State & Local Public Finance 

PUAD 836 Introduction to Quantitative Methods

PUAD 837 Resource Allocation & Control

PUAD 841 Role, Context and Ethics in Public Administration

PUAD 842 Law & Public Management

PUAD 845 Public Management & Organizational Analysis

PUAD 853 Policy Analysis & Evaluation

PUAD 897 Public Administration Contemporary Issues & Competency Assessment*


PUAD 898 Professional Development Seminar II*

*PUAD 897 and 898 are completed in the final semesters of the degree and include a final essay, which is reviewed by a committee of three faculty members.  This essay serves as the final exam required by the College; results will be posted on students’ academic transcript at the conclusion of the program. 

Elective Courses

The MPA curriculum includes 12 credit-hours of electives. The MPA program offers elective classes most semesters. A list of upcoming graduate level courses can be found on the Office of the Registrar Schedule of Classes page.  (For courses in the School, enter PUAD or UBPL in the (search text) field.  In the degree-level drop down, enter Graduate.) 

Students may also take electives outside of the School.  The courses must be graduate level and relevant to the MPA or public service. Check with the MPA Program Manager for approval prior to enrolling.

Final Exam Process

All graduate students who wish to have a MPA degree conferred from the University of Kansas must complete a final essay during the final semester of their degree. In most cases it is completed concurrently with an enrollment in PUAD 897 or PUAD 895.* The final essay is reviewed by an MPA reading committee consisting of three graduate faculty members.  Essays are graded as Honors, Pass or Redo. 

*Students enrolled in PUAD 897 complete the final essay as an assignment within the course.  Students enrolled in PUAD 895 and "Curriculum B" students will complete the final exam paper outside of assignments that due for course work enrolled during the final semester.