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Steven Maynard-Moody

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Steven Maynard-Moody's research interests include social and environmental justice in the green impact zone.

He is the Director of the Institute for Policy & Social Research and professor in the School of Public Affairs & Administration at the University of Kansas. He teaches organizations theory, policy implementation, and research methods, quantitative and qualitative. His book with Michael Musheno on street-level bureaucracy, Cops, Teachers, Counselors: Stories from the Front Lines of Public Service (University of Michigan Press, 2003), received the Herbert A. Simon Award from the American Political Science Association and the award for Best Book of Public Administration Scholarship given by the American Society of Public Administration. He has just completed a book on police stops, to be published as Pulled Over: The Racial Framing of Police Stops, with Charles Epp and Donald Haider-Markel (University of Chicago Press, 2013). Both of these books are based on original research funded by the National Science Foundation.He is developing a multi-disciplinary and multi-methods research project examining a community development program based on environmental intervention and green employment.