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Master of Public Administration

The Portfolio and Competencies Project

The Portfolio and Competencies project is part of the intern-track MPA program. (Note: this project is only required of intern-track students who began the MPA program prior to summer, 2014. Beginning in summer, 2014, this aspect of the program will be incorporated into PUAD 897: Public Administration Contemporary Issues and Competency Assessment (3), which students will take during their second year of the program.)

As part of portfolio project, Intern students will assemble an electronic portfolio that will focus on time spent in the MPA program.  Students will be provided with references to tutorials and examples that will help them create their portfolio on Google Sites, but students may adopt any platform for which they are comfortable.  Using the MPA competencies matrix, students will learn about the competencies during their program orientation and will self-assess themselves three times during their academic career.  The assessments will take place during the summer of initial enrollment, at the end of the first year on campus, and before graduation.  The head academic advisor will provide due dates.  At two times during their MPA program, students will be required to submit reflective essays (one-two pages each) focusing on specific competencies of their choice.  These essays will be embedded within an electronic portfolio.  The students will submit their essays during their professional development gatherings in the fall and winter of their second year.  They will be reviewed by the intern faculty advisor.  The purpose of each essay is to demonstrate the student’s connection of theory and practice and to reflect the student’s professional/academic  movement.

The portfolio/competency project is a self-assessment of a student’s learning experience and is not graded.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines follow University guidelines

M.U.P (Master of Urban Planning)
Fall semester: July 1
Spring semester: December 1

M.U.P as International Student
Fall semester: June 1
Spring semester: November 1

Summer semester and all City Management Fellowship Applications: February 1
Fall semester (early decision): May 1
Fall semester: June 15
Spring semester: November 1
M.P.A. as International Student
Fall semester: February 1
Fall semester: January 15