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Newsletter & Director's Dispatch

What is YOUR news? If you have timely or relevant news that you would like us to consider for an article, please share your story! We are particularly interested in alumni stories, current student stories, and relevant public administration topics in your respective communities.

Faculty Highlight

Shannon Portillo, Assistant Vice Chancellor of Undergraduate Programs at Edwards Campus and SPAA Assoc. Professor, discusses public service and why young professionals are taking up the mantle - on KCUR with Steve Kraske. (starting at 27:57 of the segment) 

Click here or on image to listen now.

Alumni Spotlight

2001 MPA Alumni David Toland received the Robert Wood Johnson Culture of Health prize in September 2017 for his work in founding Thrive Allen County, Kansas. Then, in September 2018, Toland received the NASPAA first ever Alumni Spotlight Award. Congrats David!

SPAA Annual Review

Our new magazine publication was launched December 22nd, 2017. Click the brackets [ ] to show full-screen.



Director's Dispatch Archive

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