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Kansas University City Managers and Trainees Alumni Organization (KUCIMAT)

Supporting students and faculty to develop and improve the MPA program at KU.

Since the first MPA class graduated in 1950, the alumni of the School of Public Affairs and Administration have continued their long-standing tradition of public service, making a difference through their work in a variety of roles at all levels of government and in numerous nonprofit organizations.

2020-2021 KUCIMAT Board of Directors (PDF)

Supporting KUCIMATs: A Note About Dues

Earlier this year the KUCIMAT board voted to formalize the KUCIMAT Support Fund as an account at the KU Endowment Association.  There were many benefits for the move, including the ability to make donations to the fund tax-deductible.  The only downside was we would no longer be able to call annual contributions "dues."   For tax purposes, "dues" mean you receive something tangible in return for your donation. While we think being part of the greatest alumni network around is a tangible item, we have yet to convince the IRS!  

Also exciting are the customer service improvements we've made to the dues (aka annual contribution) paying process.  You can pay easily on-line, your contribution is tax-deductible, and for the first time, you can make your annual payment automatically!  Just click "annually" in the frequency of contribution box, and it will renew once a year! 

Please visit the endowment link here, and we thank you in advance for your generous contribution.


Your KUCIMAT annual contribution (formerly dues) supports current MPA students by:

  • Providing student travel and lodging to the ICMA Conference
  • Providing ICMA Student Chapter Membership
  • Supporting student activities at ICMA
  • Supporting joint MPA Class meetings (usually held each January and April)

In addition, your dues support annual awards and events, including:

  • Alumni Awards
  • Eldon Fields Colloquium
  • Travel for KUCIMAT officers to meet with faculty
  • Alumni activities

*Your KUCIMAT dues are not a donation to the School of Public Affairs and Administration; rather, the dues support current students in the ways listed above. We hope that you’ll also consider giving to the School directly to support efforts to recruit promising students, launch important research, and provide resources for continued excellence in the School. To learn about opportunities to give, please see the options listed on our Giving page.