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Krause on climate protection political pressures on US cities

Friday, August 14, 2015

Professor_Rachel_KrauseProfessor Rachel Krause wrote a blog article for the London School of Economics’ American Politics and Policy (USApp) titled, "How US cities dropped climate protection commitments in response to mainstream political opposition and programmatic stagnation." Here's an excerpt:

"In 2005, after Congress failed to ratify the Kyoto Protocol, many American cities stepped up their efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. However, by 2012, these efforts had fallen off, only two years after their peak. In new research, Rachel Krause writes that many cities decided to abandon their climate protection commitments because of the influence of mainstream political conservatism, and that this effect was more likely for cities which had achieved fewer environmental milestones."

Read Dr. Krause's full blog article here.


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