Current School of Public Administration and Affairs graduate students who wish to earn a graduate certificate credential in any of the certificates listed here must submit a graduate application for the specific certificate program no later than enrollment in the final course that will count toward the certificate.  Public Administration Ph.D. and Master of Urban Planning graduate students may email Cari Ann Kreienhop for application and certificate conferral instructions.  Current MPA graduate students may refer to the Certificate powerpoint in the Enrollment & Progress Tracking channel of the MPA Students Microsoft Team for application, tracking, and conferral instructions.

Applicants interested in a stand-alone certificate program may visit the School of Public Affairs and Administration Graduate Certificates page.

Students in the MPA program may opt to complete certificate course work without the credential.  Please note that no credential will be awarded without completion and submission of the graduate application into the certificate.  Additionally, the School will prioritize course scheduling needs based on formal certificate enrollments.

Graduate certificates outside the School of Public Affairs and Administration may also offer graduate certificates that contribute to the academic experience of MPA students.  Upon review and approval of the MPA Program Manager, these certificates may be completed as the elective course requirements for the MPA degree, so long as the course work completed relates to the expected outcomes of the MPA program.  Certificates that are traditionally approved include:

Applicants are expected to meet the graduate certificate requirements and receive admission into outside graduate certificates through the host program. 



Cari Ann Kreienhop, MPA Program Manager and Advisor