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PhD in Public Administration

Financial Resources

We maintain a small, focused doctoral program in public administration, which gives students the opportunity to interact and collaborate regularly with faculty. Students have the opportunity to specialize in public administration theory, public management and organizational theory, urban policy and administration, human resources management, sustainability, and law and public management. Graduates have attained professorships at various universities, including the University of Alabama, American University, Arizona State, Florida State, George Mason, Indiana and North Carolina. International graduates have attained positions in Columbia, the Royal Thai Government and Wayne State.

Tuition and Fee Costs

For estimated costs, please use the wizard on the Financial Aid & Scholarships webpage.

The Registrar's Tuition and Fees web pages may also be helpful.

Financial Aid, Assistantships, and Fellowships

Financial aid for doctoral students is available through the School and also through the University of Kansas. Applicants who submit their materials by February 1st will be automatically considered for financial aid offered by the School of Public Affairs and Administration. To apply for financial aid through the University, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid.

The School offers Graduate Teaching Assistantships, Graduate Research Assistantships, and Graduate Assistantships to doctoral students. These positions include salary for a half-time (20 hours a week) appointment, plus full tuition and fee scholarships. Students are offered full multi-year (4 or 5 years) packages at the time of admission. GTA, GRA, and GA assignments are geared to the student’s interests and aimed toward providing a diversity of research and teaching experiences. Ongoing financial support is contingent on normal progress toward the PhD degree. Additionally, funding is contingent on satisfactory completion of obligations assigned as part of the GTA, GRA, or GA positions.

We are pleased to have fellowships to offer our doctoral students:

  • H. George and Mary Frederickson Fellowship - Read the announcement about this fellowship, which honors the legacy of H. George Frederickson, a pioneer in the field of public administration and our Distinguished Professor Emeritus.
  • Chester A. Newland Doctoral Fellowship - Learn about Chet Newland and why Bob Buchanan established a fellowship in honor of Chet.

Application Deadlines

Deadlines follow University guidelines

M.U.P (Master of Urban Planning)
Fall semester: July 1
Spring semester: December 1

M.U.P as International Student
Fall semester: June 1
Spring semester: November 1

City Management Fellowship Applications:  February 1
Summer semester:  February 1
Fall semester:  May 1
Spring semester:  November 1
Fall semester: January 5