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NFBPA Executive Leadership Institute - March 2016

Community Building: Bridging the Gap between Politics and Administration

The KU School of Public Affairs and Administration is thrilled to be a host institution for the Executive Leadership Institute (ELI), a rigorous professional development program, which works in partnership with eight cities and universities through the country. The ELI program offers an unparalleled mix of academics and practitioner-based experience, successfully preparing African-American managers annually for executive level appointments in state and local government.

We are pleased to join the National Forum for Black Public Administrators (NFBPA) in their continuing efforts to hone the skills and capabilities of an elite core of African Americans who aspire to be managers and administrators in local, state, and federal government.

Click here to see this session's schedule: March 2016 Schedule

Here are some comments from ELI participants:

"I am moved by the honesty of the conversation along with the focus on solutions. It is not often that we have direct conversations like this so when we can, it is very much appreciated.“

“Thank you for setting up the environment to have a real conversation about race. Many thanks to [KU staff] for the hospitality, stories, advice, the topics, and the entire experience that I have had here at KU.”

“The staff [and faculty] at KU are awesome and very engaging. I would love to attend a doctoral program in local government management at KU.”

For more information, contact: Alecia Gray at agray@ku.edu or John Nalbandian at nalband@ku.edu.