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Angela Paez Murcia

Ph.D. in Public Administration (2013)
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Angela Maria Paez Murcia was born and grew up in Bogota, Colombia. Angela graduated from the Universidad del Rosario in  Bogota, Colombia, where she received a degrees in Law (2002) and a Masters in Administrative Law (2007).

From 2002-2008, Angela worked as a Public Law lecturer and as the Students' Director in the Law School of Universidad de La Sabana in Chia, Colombia. She was awarded a Fulbright scholarship to pursue her Ph.D. in Public Administration at the University of Kansas, and began the doctoral program in 2009. Her research interests include public law and administration, organizational reform, and public service ethics. Angela's publications include: “The crisis of the State,"  in Towards a Human Comprehension of the Law (Temis: 2006) and “The modernization of Colombian public procurement system," in Iberoamerican Administrative Law (Paredes: 2007). She has also presented peer-reviewed articles on public procurement in Colombian law conferences.

Angela's dissertation is entitled: Administrative Morality in Columbia. Upon her graduation from the program in Spring, 2013, she returned to her position as a Professor of Law at the Universidad de La Sabana in Colombia.