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Alumni Directory

If you have questions or would like to add or update your information in the directory, please contact padept@ku.edu or call (785)864-3527.


Name Year of Graduation
Racine, Trudy   Fall 1986
Rakoover, Evan   Spring 2016
Ramirez, Zach   Spring 2007
Ramos, Carmen M.   1992
Ramsey, Bill   Fall 2003
Ramsey, William A.   1975
Randall, Matt   Spring 2012
Randolph, Michael M. deceased 1959
Rank, Carol Jane   Spring 1981
Rankin, Philip N.   1961
Rardin, Ronald L.   1967
Rastorfer, Craig   Summer 2008
Ratliff, Leslie   Spring 1986
Rauch, Josh   Spring 2010
Ray, Terry   Spring 2007
Reames, Tony   2013
Reaume, Paul A. deceased Spring 1963
Redelsheimer, Brian   Fall 2012
Reece, Marshall   Spring 1992
Reed, Rebecca   2003
Reed, Sean   2011
Regimand, Carolyn   2011
Rehkamp, Nancy   1977
Rein, Marlin L.   Spring 1963
Rein, Sherry A.   1983
Reinert, Doug   Spring 2014
Remington-Smith, Gale   Spring 2001
Rensinghoff, Nick   Spring 2016
Reser, Greg   Spring 1981
Retherford, April   1991
Rettig, Troy   Spring 2010
Reyes-Cummings, Theresa   Spring 2004
Reynolds, Kim   Spring 2010
Rhinevault, Thomas M.   1971
Rice, Larry L. deceased 1963
Richards, Margret   Fall 1987
Richardson, Daniel   1997
Richter, Michael W.   1999
Richter, Robert   Spring 2004
Rickert, Keith   1976
Riddle, Godfrey   Spring 2015
Ridpath, Thomas   1968
Riffel, Matthew   2009
Riggs, Ralph   1981
Riggs, Randy  
Rigney, Lesley   Spring 2006
Riley, Ray A.   1967
Rinella, Kathryn Jeanne   1986
Ritter, McKinlee   Spring 2008
Rivarola, Leslee   2008
Robb, Joy   Spring 1986
Robbins, Brad   Fall 2016
Robbins, Jeff   Spring 2014
Roberts, Gene   1974
Roberts, Johnnie   1975
Roberts, Ryan   Spring 2005
Robertson, Gary   1983
Robertson, Kevin   Summer 1995
Robeson, Dan   Spring 2009
Robinson, Sally   Spring 1992
Robl, JR   2003
Roche, Eric   Spring 2014
Rodgers, Greg   1975
Rodriguez, Philip   Spring 2009
Rodriguez, Thomas   Spring 1978
Rogers, Fred J.   Summer 1976
Rogers, Ryan   Spring 2009
Rogers, Steven   1987
Rohloff, Mark   Spring 1984
Rolufs, Angie   1996
Romzek, Barbara  
Rork, Thomas M.   Spring 1992
Rose, Kristine   1991
Rosen, Rebecca   1983
Rosenthal, David   1995
Ross, Damon   Spring 2009
Ross, David   Summer 1980
Roth, Elisabeth   1993
Roth, Matthew   Spring 2016
Roth, Stephen C.   1977
Roth-Beshears, Roni   2002
Rothert, Mark   2003
Rothman, Richard R.   1980
Round, John   1982
Routh, Laura   Spring 2012
Roy, Steven   2013
Royle, Bruce (Max)   1975
Ruder, Karma   1979
Ruger, Stephen   Spring 2004
Rumbelow, Bruno   1988
Rupp, Teresa I.   1979
Rush, Robert K.   1950
Ruskowitz, Adam J.   2007
Russell, Doug   1973
Russell, Jim   1968
Rutschmann, Steve   1975
Ryan, Jr., Teddy C.   1975

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Ranked in the top 10 master of public affairs programs in the nation
—U.S. News & World Report
#1 in the nation for city management and urban policy

— U.S. News & World Report

#5 in the nation for public management

— U.S. News & World Report
Three faculty have won W.T. Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence
Rosemary O’Leary is KU’s Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor of Public Administration
Four MPA graduates have been elected president of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
Founder of the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART)
Four faculty are National Academy of Public Administration Fellows
Bob Kipp, vice president of Hallmark Cards, was a 2012 recipient of the CLAS Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. secretary of health and human services, was a 2009 recipient of the CLAS Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
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