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Alumni Directory

If you have questions or would like to add or update your information in the directory, please contact padept@ku.edu or call (785)864-3527.


Name Year of Graduation
Gabel, Mary Ann   Spring 1992
Gaeddert, Donald Paul   1986
Gaggero, Jaime   Fall 2007
Gahn, Douglas G.   1994
Gaither, William A. (Bill) deceased 1977
Galante, William J.   1967
Galbraith, Marc   Fall 1997
Galez, Ricardo V.   1986
Gallagher, MaryLou   1993
Gantt, Gerald   2009
Garber, Sharon   1976
Garber, Trenton   Summer 2013
Garcia, Ernest E.   1977
Garcia, Steven N.   1978
Gardner, Roderick A.   1954
Garland, Patricia L.   1985
Garwood, Leslie   Fall 2015
Gary, Rex   Spring 1977
Gaston, Lanny D.   1975
Gatlin, Fred   2003
Gebhards, Lou Ann   Fall 1997
Geffert, Adam   Spring 2010
Geither, Gloria   Fall 1993
Gentrup, Patricia   1990
Gentry, Dan   1993
George, Zachary   Fall 2015
Gerard, Randall S.   1982
Gerlt, Regan L.   2006
Gero, Kevyn   Spring 2015
Gidiglo, Noah Awuku   1984
Giese, James   Spring 1961
Giffin, Phyllis   Spring 1980
Gillispie, Mickie   Fall 2015
Gilmore, William B.   1984
Gingerich, David F.   Spring 1978
Gingerich, Judith   Spring 1985
Gish, Larry L. deceased 1954
Gladson, Jack   1977
Glaus, Barbara   1978
Goad, Anna   Summer 2016
Goering, J. Lyn   1982
Goggans, Andrew   Fall 2009
Golbabai, Justin   Spring 2006
Goldberg, Margot C.   1988
Golom, Craig   2008
Golubski, Candace   Fall 2014
Gong, Di   Spring 2009
Gonzales, Carol   1986
Gonzales, Jr., Modesto   Fall 1985
Gooch-Dennis, Bonita   1978
Goodell, Lynn A.   Fall 1983
Goodell, Marion J.   1982
Goodman, Jon   1994
Gordon, Amina   Summer 2013
Gordon, Chelsey   Spring 2014
Gordon, Victoria   1993
Gordon, William B.   1973
Gotfredson, Michael   Spring 2013
Gottberg, Ann   1977
Gourse, Jason   Spring 2010
Graf, Reggie   Fall 2015
Graff, Ashley   Spring 2013
Graham, Ann   1977
Graham, David   Fall 1986
Graham, Harriet   Spring 1977
Graham, Melissa   Summer 2009
Graor, Amanda   Spring 2016
Grassi, Richard Jay   Spring 1990
Graves, Denise L   1980
Graves, Leon B.   1972
Gray, Doug   1991
Gray, Susan Lee   2000
Gray-O'Connor, Jenifer   Spring 2004
Green, Christine   1993
Green, Jim   Spring 1992
Green, Jim   Spring 2005
Green, James R.   Spring 2005
Green, Maurice   Summer 2013
Greenamyre, David A.   1973
Greer, Austin   Spring 2016
Greer, Gary   1986
Gregg, Glenn H.   Spring 1959
Gregor, Kenneth M.   1969
Greunke, Kelly   Spring 2005
Greve, La Verta E.   1984
Gridley, Clint   1986
Griffin, Christie   Spring 2016
Griffin, Daniel   1997
Grimes, Donald L. deceased Fall 1962
Griswold, Thomas   Summer 1976
Grosdidier, Sue   1999
Gross, Thomas   1987
Grosshans, Kip   1981
Grover, Kate   Spring 2003
Gruber, Jack H.   1975
Guel, Ivan   Spring 2015
Guilfoyle, Patrick J.   1974
Gump, Robert T.   1990
Gump, Tim   1990
Gunn, William S. deceased 1955
Gutierrez, Al   Spring 1981
Gutierrez, Elizabeth   1974
Guttman, Michael   Spring 1995
Gunja, Kate   Spring 2005

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Ranked in the top 10 master of public affairs programs in the nation
—U.S. News & World Report
#1 in the nation for city management and urban policy

— U.S. News & World Report

#5 in the nation for public management

— U.S. News & World Report
Three faculty have won W.T. Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence
Rosemary O’Leary is KU’s Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor of Public Administration
Four MPA graduates have been elected president of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
Founder of the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART)
Four faculty are National Academy of Public Administration Fellows
Bob Kipp, vice president of Hallmark Cards, was a 2012 recipient of the CLAS Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. secretary of health and human services, was a 2009 recipient of the CLAS Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
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