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Alumni Directory

If you have questions or would like to add or update your information in the directory, please contact padept@ku.edu or call (785)864-3527.


Name Year of Graduation
Fairchild, James W.   Spring 1992
Faircloth, Buffy   Spring 2016
Falley, Austin   Spring 2016
Fann, Kelly   Spring 2015
Farley, Emily   Spring 2014
Farley, Sandra   1978
Farran, Paul   Spring 2009
Farrar, Joshua   Spring 2004
Farrar, Marc   1993
Fast, Becky L.   1996
Faucher, Ola   1987
Fears, Jarad   1993
Feik, Dylan   Spring 2011
Feiock, Rick   1983
Feller, Stephen M.   1979
Ferguson, Michelle   1998
Ferguson, William (Bo)   1997
Fernando, Jayal Regimius   1986
Ferreros, PhD, Augusto   1972
Ferrier, Stephen K.   1983
Fettig, Lee   1956
Fettig, Lee E.   Fall 1955
Feyerherm, Kjersten   2011
Field, Thomas   Spring 1984
Figuly, Al   1976
Findlay-Taliaferro, Lenore   1977
Finger, Dale   Fall 2002
Finger, Linda   Fall 1985
Finney, Nathan   Fall 2010
Fischbach, John   1971
Fisher, A. Jacqueline   1983
Fisher, Brandi   2001
Fisher, Jim   1964
Fisher, Pauline   1977
Fisher, Stanley D. deceased 1953
Fisher, Tiffany   Spring 2002
Fisk, Jon   Spring 2009
Fitzgerald, Dennis L   1985
Fitzgerald, Mike   Fall 2006
Fitzpatrick, Laura   2002
Fitzwater, Donna   1977
Flaig, Lisa   Spring 2007
Fleetwood, Brian   2011
Fleming, April   Fall 2015
Flemming, Joshua   Spring 2016
Fletchall, Loren C.   Spring 1964
Flora, David F.   1974
Flowers, Martin   2007
Fluhart, Rocky J.   1975
Foerster, Beth   1980
Foley, Ed   Fall 2010
Folscroft, Luke   Spring 2011
Ford, Tanner   2011
Forrest, Jr., Rufus L.   Fall 1990
Forsberg, Peggy   1993
Fortney, Tanner   Spring 2009
Foster, Barry   1991
Foster, Brad   Spring 1984
Foster, Dana   Spring 1982
Foster, J. Barry   1991
Foster, Mary   Spring 1985
Foster, Marybeth   1995
Foster, Siobhan   1991
Foust, Thomas A.   1979
Fox, Jerry   Spring 1963
Fox, Louis   1967
Fox, Peggy   Fall 2011
Foxworthy, Carolyn   1987
Franklin, Raymond   1995
Franklin, Winston O.   Spring 1964
Fraser, D. Larry   1980
Frazell, Kevin   1978
Frederickson, Joseph   Spring 2010
Freed, Ryan   Spring 2011
Freeland, Curtis B.   1972
Freer, David   1973
Freerksen, Paula   1997
French, Larry   1993
French, Robert A.   1979
Friend, Duncan   Spring 2009
Frisbie, Elaine   Summer 1992
Frost, Steven   Spring 2005
Fudge, Nijah   Spring 2012
Fuller, Murrey deceased 1951
Funk, Jessie   Summer 2013

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Ranked in the top 10 master of public affairs programs in the nation
—U.S. News & World Report
#1 in the nation for city management and urban policy

— U.S. News & World Report

#5 in the nation for public management

— U.S. News & World Report
Three faculty have won W.T. Kemper Fellowships for Teaching Excellence
Rosemary O’Leary is KU’s Edwin O. Stene Distinguished Professor of Public Administration
Four MPA graduates have been elected president of the International City/County Management Association (ICMA)
Founder of the Journal of Public Administration Research and Theory (JPART)
Four faculty are National Academy of Public Administration Fellows
Bob Kipp, vice president of Hallmark Cards, was a 2012 recipient of the CLAS Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. secretary of health and human services, was a 2009 recipient of the CLAS Distinguished Alumni Achievement Award
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